About the Artist

Welcome to my store!  

I am Clair Dobry of Pasadena, Maryland and owner of the Crafty Crab. “Recycling the real thing”.

These are ornaments made from real Blue Crab crab shells.
Hand crafted and very unique appliques on hand painting.

Hang anywhere with cord loop or save for holiday tree.

(Not a toy. For display only. )

I have been crafty hand-made ornaments from recycled crab shells for years! You may have seen me at local craft shows in and around Maryland such as Sunfest in Ocean City and Festival of Trees in Timonium.

If you don’t see something you need,please reach out using the form below as I do custom orders as well.

Handmade with love,

Clair Dobry

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2 thoughts on “About the Artist”

  1. Hello! I met you at the Howard County Fair! I want to purchase two crab ornaments with my dog’s picture on them. I can’t figure out how to upload the picture online. You said i could pick them up at Sunfest in OC, MD. If I send you a picture, would this still be possible? My parents live in OC and would be picking them up for me. I hope this can happen! I look forward to hearing from you!

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